Hints & Tips

Fountain No Added Salt Paste

  1. For a tasty flavour option in low-salt meals, try Fountain No Added Salt Tomato Paste with olive oil and herbs like rosemary, thyme or paprika.
  2. Try Fountain No Added Salt Tomato Paste as a marinade for barbecued meats.
  3. Combine Fountain No Added Salt Tomato Paste with stock for a fast, low-salt pasta sauce.
  4. Add Fountain No Added Salt Tomato Paste to casseroles and stews for extra flavour without extra salt.
  5. Combine Fountain No Added Salt Tomato Paste with minced beef and egg for quick and easy meatballs.
  6. Try Fountain No Added Salt Tomato Paste with minced turkey, veal or pork for tasty Bolognese alternative.

Fountain Tomato Paste

  1. Use Fountain Tomato Paste to add richness to soups, casseroles and sauces, instead of butter or bacon.
  2. Add a little Fountain Tomato Paste for a really rich gravy.
  3. Add Fountain Tomato Paste to all sorts of soups and casseroles for rich flavour and colour (and lycopene!).
  4. Make a warming, nutritious soup using lamb neck or shanks, barley, onions and Fountain Tomato Paste.
  5. Process Fountain Tomato Paste with fresh pinenuts, basil and olive oil to make a quick tomato pesto for pasta.
  6. Try adding Fountain Tomato Paste to chilli con carne for extra flavour and colour.
  7. Fountain Tomato Paste is a pasta sauce base that’s always ready to go, just add water, wine or stock.

Fountain Tomato & Herb Pizza Paste

  1. Try slow-roasting a lamb shoulder brushed with Fountain Pizza Paste. Add garlic cloves, lemon slices and a little wine or water to the pan.
  2. Encourage kids to create their own pizzas with pizza bases, Fountain Pizza Paste, ham and sliced vegetables.
  3. For a light, healthy meal use Fountain Pizza Paste on a pizza base with grated reduced fat cheese.
  4. For a quick snack just spread Fountain Pizza Paste on muffins, top with cheese and grill.
  5. Use Fountain Pizza Paste on bread rolls with ham and cheese for an Italian-styled sandwich.
  6. Try adding Fountain Pizza Paste to pasta sauces, casseroles and hamburgers for extra flavour.


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