Hints & Tips

Fountain Barbecue Sauce

  1. Fountain Barbecue Sauce is perfect with sausages, steaks and bacon.
  2. Combine Fountain Barbecue Sauce with mince and breadcrumbs for easy burger patties.

Fountain Soy Sauce

  1. Try replacing salt with Fountain Soy Sauce in slow-cook recipes for a savory, flavoursome result.
  2. Stir-fry meat strips or tofu cubes with Asian greens, fresh ginger and a dash of Fountain Soy Sauce, for an easy one-wok dinner.
  3. Toss blanched green beans in a little olive oil and add a few drops of Fountain Soy Sauce in place of salt.
  4. Try Fountain Soy Sauce in stir fries, soups and casseroles.
  5. Fountain Soy Sauce makes a great dipping sauce for spring rolls and kebabs.
  6. Mix Fountain Soy Sauce with Fountain Sweet Chilli sauce for a tasty chicken wing marinade.

Fountain Hoi Sin Sauce

  1. Fountain Hoi Sin Sauce is terrific for glazing roasted chicken.
  2. Roast or pot-roast pork with Fountain Hoi Sin Sauce for succulent flavour, and add a piece of star anise for aroma.
  3. Keep lean cuts of meat moist when roasting by glazing with Fountain Hoi Sin Sauce.
  4. Fountain Hoi Sin Sauce is great for stir fries, barbecues and dips.
  5. Serve Fountain Hoi Sin Sauce with sang choy bau or in rice paper rolls.

Fountain Thick Mint Sauce

  1. Try glazing a leg of lamb or crown roast with Fountain Thick Mint Sauce before roasting.
  2. Fountain Thick Mint Sauce is delicious with a lamb or chicken roast.
  3. Fountain Thick Mint Sauce can be used as a quick marinade for meat skewers and steaks.
  4. Make a simple, zesty salad dressing by combining a little olive oil with Fountain Thick Mint Sauce.
  5. For a fresh touch add Fountain Thick Mint Sauce to Asian-style noodle salads.

Fountain Steak Sauce

  1. Combine Fountain Steak Sauce with red wine for an effortless steak marinade.
  2. For a quick meal, use Fountain Steak Sauce in a wrap with sliced beef or sausage, tomato and lettuce.
  3. Marinate chicken with Fountain Steak Sauce and beer or ale before barbecuing.
  4. Fountain Steak Sauce boosts the flavour of meat dishes, especially steaks, burgers and sausages.
  5. For meatloaves and meatballs with extra flavour add Fountain Steak Sauce to the mince.

Fountain Satay Sauce

  1. Combine Fountain Satay Sauce with lime juice and use as a marinade for fish or prawns.
  2. Add a tablespoon or two of Fountain Satay Sauce in your next stir-fry for a creamy, nutty flavour.
  3. Try Fountain Satay Sauce as a topping on your next chicken burger or wrap.
  4. Fountain Satay Sauce is great as a dip for prawn crackers or rice paper rolls.
  5. Barbecued prawns are delicious dipped in Fountain Satay Sauce.
  6. Combine Fountain Satay Sauce with coconut cream for a quick satay cooking sauce.
  7. Try adding a little Fountain Satay Sauce to pumpkin or potato soup for a flavoursome change.

Fountain Spicy Red Sauce

  1. For something different, try replacing tomato sauce with Fountain Spicy Red Sauce on meat pies or sausage rolls.
  2. Fountain Spicy Red Sauce is great on burgers, steaks and hotdogs as well as Mexican food and salsas.
  3. Mix Fountain Spicy Red Sauce with mayonnaise and lemon juice for a quick seafood sauce.
  4. Use Fountain Spicy Red Sauce and grilled cheese for an easy nachos topping.

Fountain Sweet Chilli Sauce

  1. Mix Fountain Sweet Chilli Sauce with sour cream and serve with wedges, or drizzle on burgers and sandwiches.
  2. Serve tomato or vegetable soups with a quick toasted or pan-fried tortilla, filled with cheese and Fountain Sweet Chilli Sauce.
  3. Whiz up fish fillets, Fountain Sweet Chilli Sauce and fresh coriander or basil in a food processor, for tasty fishcake patties.
  4. Mix Fountain Sweet Chilli Sauce with mayonnaise for a delicious sandwich spread.
  5. For extra flavour, add Fountain Sweet Chilli Sauce to casseroles, pasta sauces and pizzas.
  6. Whip up a great barbecue marinade by combining Fountain Sweet Chilli Sauce with a little olive oil and garlic.

Fountain Hot Chilli Sauce

  1. Use Fountain Hot Chilli Sauce to spice up Asian, Mexican and barbecue meals, or serve on the side as a condiment.
  2. Make a Tex Mex-style minestrone by combining tinned beans, vegetables, stock and a little Fountain Hot Chilli Sauce.
  3. Fountain Hot Chilli Sauce is perfect for barbeques, or in burgers and wraps.
  4. Add Fountain Hot Chilli Sauce to pasta sauces and nachos for that spicy hit.
  5. Combine Fountain Hot Chilli Sauce with sour cream for a quick dip with a kick.

Fountain Plum Sauce

  1. Keep your roast turkey moist by basting it with Fountain Plum Sauce mixed with a little warm water or wine.
  2. Fountain Plum Sauce is great as a marinade, in rice paper rolls and in stir-fries.
  3. Try Fountain Plum Sauce with chicken skewers, spring rolls and dim sum.
  4. Mix Fountain Plum Sauce with crushed garlic and soy sauce for a delicious barbecue marinade.

Fountain Mustard Sauce

  1. Try stuffing a boned loin of pork with a mixture of breadcrumbs, Fountain Mustard Sauce and fresh thyme or sage.
  2. Fountain Mustard Sauce makes a great alternative to butter or margarine on sandwiches.
  3. Fountain Mustard Sauce is terrific on hotdogs, sandwiches and chicken schnitzel.
  4. For a flavour hit, try spreading Fountain Mustard Sauce on grilled cheese toast.
  5. Combine Fountain Mustard Sauce with red wine for a simple but flavoursome roast beef or chicken marinade.

Fountain Pepper Steak Sauce

  1. Try adding Fountain Pepper Steak Sauce to hamburger or rissole mixtures for some extra zing.
  2. Combine Fountain Pepper Steak Sauce with olive oil to marinate steak or chicken.
  3. Use Fountain Pepper Steak Sauce to add rich, peppery flavour to your casserole and pie mixtures.
  4. Fountain Pepper Steak Sauce is perfect with steak, chicken fillets and schnitzel.
  5. Try Fountain Pepper Steak Sauce in beef wraps for a flavour hit.
  6. Add Fountain Pepper Steak Sauce, garlic and ginger to your stir-fry for a spicy note.


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